P.D.O. Valtiendas is an unprecedented achievement<b> </b>for the 16 Segovian municipalities that compose it and, above all, thanks to Venancio Martín de Andrés, founder and manager of Bodegas Zarraguilla.

Located to the north of Segovia, bordering north-west with the Ribera del Duero of Valladolid, with the town of Peñafiel just 17 km. To the north with the Ribera del Duero of Burgos, with the towns of Roa and Moradillo de Roa. To the north-east with the mountain range of Pradales, on the way to Sepúlveda. To the south-east with the Natural Park of ‘Hoces del río Duratón’. To the south with land of pine forests, on the way to Cantalejo. To the east with the town of Cuellar and its ‘Mar de Pinares’.


Rigorous and long winters, relatively mild summers, low rainfall and notable summer aridity. Great thermal variations both daily and seasonal, with low temperatures at any time of the year, especially during the winter; night cooling makes it difficult to raise the maximum temperatures mostly in summer. Average temperature of 11,72 ºC with 35 ºC during the summer and -10 ºC during the winter.


We find two types of cultivation: "Traditional" Old vineyard planted in glass (individual strains), with high density, because being wrapped and easy manual collection. ‘Modern Younger’ vineyard espalier planted (lines of continuous strains). In order to obtain greater profitability of the vineyard, extensive plantation frames have been used to be able to use existing machinery for the cereal, not to forget that the majority of vintners are also farmers.


Wide diversity of grounds, with common influences that singularize the raw material. Altitude of 1.000 metres over the sea level. Composition of basic and alkaline grounds as we move west, medium texture, no salinity problems, with a low level of organic matter. High clay content, presence of calcareous and granite rock. Very suitable ground for vineyard and high quality grapes.


Mostly Tempranillo of Valtiendas, we also find a high Bobal percentage and small Grenache percentages, Planta Mula, Aragonesa, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz in red. Albillo y Verdejo in white but with a minimum percentage near 5% of the vineyard.


As Venancio says: